HEArt at Starr King – Chinese ink painting

On Friday, Starr King students learned the ancient art of “Shui-muo ha,” Chinese ink painting.  Students practiced their strokes using special brushes and paper, and copied Chinese symbols for “love,” “peace,” and “happiness.”   Influenced by zen, we focused on simplicity and clarity in the paintings.  The students mounted their drawings on construction paper collages, our HEArt interpretation of the more traditional hanging scrolls.


HEArt at Chavez – Painting continues…

It’s hard to believe that we have only one month left before summer!  Please join us for a mural unveiling celebrating our students’ and teens’ hard work this year:  June 2nd 4:30-6:00pm.  With two weeks of painting down and only three more to go, the students are focused on bringing beauty and positivity to the 8th grade corridor.

The wallWorking together

A quick and precise painter


Census Art Contest Winners – Westmoor High School

Westmoor High School Winners

The Mural Music & Arts Project in collaboration with Silicon Valley Community Foundation is proud to announce the winners of the Westmor High School Census Art Contest:

Natalie Encarnacion


1. Natalie Encamacion

2. Jorge Rios

3. GJ Simmons

Egar Rodriguez


1. Edgar Rodriguez

2. Saeed Abbushi

Census Art Contest Winners – Carlmont High School

Carlmont Census Winners

The Mural Music & Arts Project in collaboration with Silicon Valley Community Foundation is proud to announce the winners of The Carlmont High School Census Art Contest:

Kristen Willsher

First Place – Kristen Willsher
Second Place – Caroline Liu
Third Place – Cynthia Meza

First Place – Denise Chan
Second Place – Melissa Loi
First Place – Aaron Boussina

One is All

By Denise Chan

Ten years seem long but pass by so quickly that

It makes you wonder if you will be remembered.

In history we’re like a speck of dust

But dust specks make the bigger picture

The one we’re all part of.

The sky above is the

Same you see anywhere.

Everyone can’t be

Made without


Brandon Melgar Escalante

First Place – Brandon Melgar Escalante
Second Place – Byron Pang
Third Place – Max Grogen

First Place – Kallopasi Vaitai
Second Place – Elliot Lieberman
Third Place – Katie Mittonegal

HEArt at Starr King – T-shirt stamping

Starr King 4th and 5th graders learned a simple method of stamp-making, using rubber erasers and paint pens.  The students each got to design their own t-shirt using their stamps and colorful fabric markers.  They were encouraged to focus on the fashions they like best and to create fun patterns with their stamps.  The glow in the dark marker was the greatest hit!

Joseph's beautiful t-shirt

HEArt at ISA

This week, ISA students began their third mural of the year.  This time the students are painting on portable boards that can hang anywhere in the school.  The whimsical mural depicts a puzzle of the cityscape that students see from their school at the top of Potrero Hill.  Some of the puzzle pieces are missing and others fly away, transforming into painterly clouds.   The puzzle pieces signify the role that each student has in shaping his or her neighborhood, and the constant rebuilding and reconfiguring that’s necessary in a healthy community.  The puzzle piece cityscape is framed by bright sunflower-shaped flowers, representing growth and vital positivity.

Mural painting day 1 - Blue wash

Kingston and Celeste practice a value wash

HEArt at Chavez – Mural painting begins!

On Wednesday, HEArt Chavez began painting a new mural in the 8th grade corridor.

From left, blazing flames represent the risks and struggles students face on a day to day basis, and the hardship that the students must overcome in order to succeed.  Carrying a positive message, the flames are also a symbol of purification, cleansing and rebirth as the students find their paths toward healthy lifestyles at school and beyond.  The metamorphosis of a butterfly is depicted as an analogy for the students’ growth and transformation from 6th through 8th grade. The butterfly evolves from the right, beginning as a simple caterpillar climbing into the foreground, resting in the chrysalis until it finally emerges, fully transformed into a beautiful adult butterfly. In the middle, a girl holds up a peace sign, urging for peace in her community. A typical EPA street scene is depicted behind her, showing that the girl is using her own inner strength to create positive change in her home community.  On the right, an 8th grader ascends the stairs to meet a hand extending his Chavez diploma as he graduates to high school.  On the right, the ivy surrounding the diploma and stairs is a symbol of growth, strength and friendship.   The EPA foothills and blue sky rest in the background.

Check back for weekly updates on our progress!

Painting Day 1 - Opposite Colors