Learning- I learned that the ability to turn horrible ideas into good ones is as valuable as being able to turn pebbles into golden nuggets.  Although we experimented with this exercise using the extremes of airline experiences I can already see the benefits of being able to be the creative optimist in a brainstorm setting, not just the optimist who tries to make things seem like they will be okay, but the innovative optimist that turns projects around.  

Unlearning- Brainstorming is not meant to find the perfect solution, but rather, it is a springboard of humor, creativity, and failure that have the potential for brilliance.  Related to the nature of this brilliance I also unlearned the acts of criticism and questioning.  The most productive brainstorm is not a deep conversation, but a fast paced brain dump.  When we were talking about amazing airlines our group discussed the possibility of the plane being filled with fuzzy.  Off of this idea someone recommended cats and another recommended dogs.  With these suggestions I felt myself think about the fact that dogs and cats don’t always get along, but that wasn’t a question for the brainstorm, it would be a question for the formal idea process or perhaps even the prototyping process.