Last week MMAP started it’s external Open Studio’s program at the Boys and Girls Club in East Palo Alto.  This is the first summer we have tried opening up our Open Studios program to an older audience.  The program has typically been an effort to get younger kids involved in summer art activities since many of our summer programs are targeted at high school youth.  This year we will continue that effort at the MMAP headquarters every Monday afternoon, but we have also started piloting a more structured version of Open Studios for high school students at the Boys and Girls Club.

Last week was our first week with this program which was kicked off with classes led by graffiti artist Scape Martinez.  The students worked on boxes decorated with graffiti styles that highlighted their personality and interests using symbols and colours.  This week we began a new project inspired by Alexander Calder, the artist known for inventing the mobile and creating playful wire sculptures.  We worked on gesture drawing and blind drawing and then transitioned into the use of wire to transform the two dimensional line drawings into three dimensional wire figures, animals, and faces.  The graffiti project and the Calder project intend to educate the students on the use of color and line with the transformation of these design concepts from the two dimensional space into the three dimensional space.